Sunday, March 26, 2017

Don-E “Spiritual Remixes EP”

Now available to download on iTunes worldwide is a 3-track Spiritual Remixes EP from Don-E. When you’ve heard the Loose Remix, the inspiration for the name needs no explanation. The other two mixes are up-tempo – the Steppa Remix and the Atomic House Remix.  All in all, a great little remix package, newly minted at Don-E’s West […]

Don-E returns with “Little Star”

“One of the UK’s most gifted and enduring black music talents” – Blues & Soul Dome CD 317 Little Star Spiritual Slave To The Rhythm Hold On This Is It He Ain’t Got My Style Home BS Hot Like The Summer Incompatible Good Step In My Room Love Has Found Its Way It Just Don’t […]

Tortured Soul – Undercover Mixes – out now

Dome402D Tortured Soul are a unique band, travelling the world bringing their fusion of R&B, dance and soulful house to club and and festival audiences in major cities such as  London, Rome, Tokyo, Johannesburg but also taking the road less travelled to towns and cities in Lithuania, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, to name just a few […]

Don-E returns with Spiritual

For his new Dome single SPIRITUAL Don-E invited his friends and peers to a ‘soul summit’ in his West London studio. And what a gathering of the UK’s finest soul vocal talents it is. The single features Carl McIntosh of Loose Ends, Junior Giscombe, Leee John of Imagination, Noel McKoy, Omar, Paul Johnson and Rick […]

Can’t Keep Rhythm From A Dancer – Tortured Soul

Now available on iTunes – CAN’T KEEP RHYTHM FROM A DANCER, a long overdue single from TORTURED SOUL. Impossible not to sing along with this one, it’s a track that sounds right at home on the radio (plays already in the UK from BBC Radio 2 and Jazz FM, among others) as well as in the […]